12 Days of Xmas #11: My true love gave to me a £100,000 training budget to improve my team’s Customer Management capabilities!

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me a £100,000 training budget to improve my team’s Customer Management capabilities next year!

I can imagine that many of us would be delighted to receive this as a gift this Christmas as:

  • In B2B, arguably even more so than in B2C, the capability of the individuals working within an organisation are a crucial differentiator in the delivery of sustainable profitable relationships
  • The proposition of any B2B organisation has to be underpinned by the capability of its people to support and deliver it.

This capability extends from any ‘core’ technical expertise required to expertise across the spectrum of Customer Management.

If your true love gave you a substantial training budget for next year:

  1. Would you know where to spend it?
  2. Do you know your key capability gaps across your team?

If you know the answers to these questions then you may already be looking for a provider who develops bespoke and tailored solutions that follow a robust and proven methodology that focus on delegates learning through ‘doing’ rather than ‘listening’. For longer programmes, you may wish to consider adopting an internal Champion led approach to ensure learning is embedded and followed through in the organisation to make it in effect a commercial change programme.

If you haven’t started looking for, or haven’t yet found, a provider who meets these criteria, then who will you turn to, to provide training solutions to address these gaps?

Here at Customer Attuned, we may just have the training solution you are looking for in answer to this question. And you’ll be very pleased to hear that your Christmas true love doesn’t need to find £100,000 for you to really benefit from some practical and focused training programmes.

During the past few months we have pooled the expertise of a number of our team and designed a number of new bespoke and tailored programmes and masterclasses in response to client requests for focused training support.

Our range of new and existing training solutions include workshops in areas such as the B2B Customer Centricity Masterclass and if you need a more focused programme, contact us about the following:

Make this coming year one in which you invest your training budget wisely and build some long lasting capability in your team to drive long term benefits for your business.

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