12 Days of Xmas #2: A broker said to me “You listened to me and improved your service”

On the 2nd day of Christmas my top broker said to me “You really listened to me and improved your service”.

Is this something you might hear from your brokers? Would you know the current strength of your relationships with your brokers, how much they trust you, how committed they are to you, and how they rate your service offering?

If not, why not make a New Year’s resolution to think about you could better measure your performance in these areas and drive improvements.

At Customer Attuned we have a proven methodology that has helped B2B businesses to drive improvements in the strength of their partner relationships. Our Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ™) assessments are based on the fact – academically proven – that long-term business relationships are built upon a combination of Trust between both business partners, and a strong Commitment from both parties to make that partnership work.

These three elements – Trust, Commitment and Satisfaction – determine the quality of any business relationship but are driven by your clients’ perception of your Solution and Experience, which in turn depend on the quality of the Service you provide.

If you want to understand the entirety of the business relationship of any key account, or across your entire customer base, you need to measure and monitor all six elements. That is what we do.

Take a look at CRQ here.

So once you have enjoyed everything the Christmas season has to offer, ask us to show you how you can make 2016 a year when you will really get to grips with understanding what your brokers want from you.

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