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12 Critical Components of Customer Strategy – Part 2

In the first blog on this subject I covered the four “What are we trying to achieve?” components of great B2B customer strategy. The next step of strategy development addresses “Wh… Read more

Shallow Interdependence – Part 3

  In article two we explored and discussed the second level of B2B customer relational interdependence, that of shallow dependence. In article three, we explore ‘shallow i… Read more
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CRM Steps for Success – Plotting the Journey Part 4 of 7

People remember how they feel, not how well they were processed   Developing a customer-centric organisation is the Holy Grail for most businesses. But the road is too often… Read more
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CRM Steps for Success – What’s in it for me? Part 6 of 7

Human beings can be altruistic but the primary concern is usually, ‘what’s in it for me?’ That’s why it is important to take time to develop system funct… Read more

The Trust Ladder

Occupying the same market as your suppliers with transactional relationships? This is a challenge for any business, learn how to manage co-existence in this e-book. The Trust La… Read more
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CRM Steps for Success – Making the case for change – Part 3 of 7

Making a powerful case for change will mean your CRM project will get off the ground, it’s easier said than done and there are many steps to consider. What most of the change manageme… Read more
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Customer Management in a world of Intermediaries and Brokers

“Just who is the customer here?” In this article, the third in our series exploring the intermediated / broker relationships in Financial Services, we focus on the q… Read more