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Top Obstacles to Customer Centricity – what are yours?

In our years of experience we have come across numerous issues and problems that clients face when they’re trying to become more customer focused as a business. We have identified… Read more
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Distributor Management – Motivation & Reward Planning – Staying Ahead. Part 4 of 4

In the fourth blog on effective Distributor Management, Mark Hollyoake looks at the role of Motivation & Reward planning. Even when organisations enjoy excellent relation… Read more

Strategic CRM for Business Leaders Master Class

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has strategic influence far beyond Sales and Marketing. Microsoft Dynamics CRM outlines the prospects’ journey through the business t… Read more
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Distributor Management – Avoiding the Pitfalls. Part 3 of 4

In our third Blog Mark Hollyoake looks at some of the common problems which beset Distributor Management. The most common challenges organisations face when starting to work in d… Read more
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Distributor Management – Getting It Right! Part 2 of 4

In our second blog on managing distributor markets, Mark Hollyoake looks at getting the foundations of Customer Management right. The term distributor is widely used to describ… Read more