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Customer Attuned Director named as a Customer Experience Influencer to follow

We are delighted to announce that Customer Attuned Director, Peter Lavers, has been recognised by Capterra Inc. as one of nine Customer Experience Influencers to follow. Pete… Read more

Peter Lavers Interviewed in “Next Level” Podcast

Customer Attuned Director Peter Lavers has been interviewed in this series of podcasts, which covers the subject of how to “Accelerate Your Marketing, Branding and Car… Read more
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The DNA of Trust

Trust in a B2B context has received increasing attention in recent years, as organisations recognize its role in relationship development. In this blog, using insight from lite… Read more
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Understanding and building sales capability

In the world of B2B, the capability of your people is crucial to your company’s success. We have drawn from a recent client engagement to share a case study demonstrating how inve… Read more
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Customer Attuned spotlights Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ)

Customer Attuned have been managing Customer Relationship Quality (CRQTM) programmes with our UK clients for a number of years. But did you know that we also offer an Employee ver… Read more
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Trust in Me ~ now three years in

Mark Hollyoake shares insights from his doctorate on trust within B2B What do we really know about trust? It may be the subject of numerous books and conference papers, bandied abo… Read more
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New Infographic: Challenges facing the Auto Industry

The automotive sector is facing massive changes in the next 10 years. How will this affect your customer management? Download the infographic in pdf  … Read more

The Customer Attuned GDPR Readiness Assessment

New European data protection regulations (GDPR) take effect in 2018. Whilst compelling most data driven organisations to tighten up their processes and activities, used corre… Read more

LOOKING INTO 2017 – Highly Capable Staff

As we look forward into 2017 we ask our Directors and selection of associates to comment on the year ahead. In 2017 as in previous years, the availability of highly capable staff is k… Read more

LOOKING INTO 2017 – Consistency

As we look forward into 2017 we ask our Directors and selection of associates to comment on the year ahead. My top tip for 2017 is simple – Keep Calm! and be Consistent 2016 introduc… Read more