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Supporting our clients in a virtual world

As part of our ongoing engagement with one of our clients, Bupa, we have recently designed and delivered a new virtual classroom session to members of the UK Insurance Account Mana… Read more

Continuity, Recovery, Re-engineering

Continuity, Recovery, Re-engineering are common words used in the context of businesses that have been affected in varying degrees by the virus and government measures across t… Read more

Online Panel Discussion: Providing Leadership through Change and Uncertainty

Providing Leadership Through Change & Uncertainty Online Panel Discussion In the wake of the Coronavirus impacting businesses across the globe, organisations are facing… Read more

Navigating through turbulent Seas

“Leadership trust is driven by positive intentions that are translated, communicated and demonstrated to the people that turn them into reality. The resulting enablement and c… Read more

What you can do to manage you and your team’s resilience during COVID 19

Resilience has always been a hot topic in leadership circles across industries, just last year we held two events in Edinburgh and Birmingham where we looked at the importance of p… Read more
I'm stuck in quarantine

I’m stuck in quarantine and I’m not bored

I’m stuck in quarantine and I’m not bored. When you’re a consultant, you know how to work from home. I created my routine years ago, gone are the days when I stayed in my pyjamas all day… Read more

How to deliver ‘human’ CX in a digital future

Peter Lavers, Director, Customer Attuned, latest blog is featured in MyCustomer.Com “How to deliver ‘human’ CX in a digital future”     Re… Read more

Getting Agile really working outside of IT requires culture change

The term Agile Working is being used within more & more businesses. Although loosely defined, it generally refers to a more flexible and pacey way of working. In this post, I sh… Read more

Customer Experience: Digital or Human?

Delivering a ‘human’ customer experience in a future that’s increasingly ‘digital’. Reading the SAS / Futurum “Experience 2030” report about how “consumers don’t just use digi… Read more