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Distributor Management – Motivation & Reward Planning – Staying Ahead. Part 4 of 4

In the fourth blog on effective Distributor Management, Mark Hollyoake looks at the role of Motivation & Reward planning. Even when organisations enjoy excellent relation… Read more
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Distributor Management – Avoiding the Pitfalls. Part 3 of 4

In our third Blog Mark Hollyoake looks at some of the common problems which beset Distributor Management. The most common challenges organisations face when starting to work in d… Read more
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Distributor Management – Getting It Right! Part 2 of 4

In our second blog on managing distributor markets, Mark Hollyoake looks at getting the foundations of Customer Management right. The term distributor is widely used to describ… Read more
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Why Distributor Management Is The Same As Good Customer Management. Part 1 of 4

To celebrate the launch of our new Distributor Management Programme, Distributor Management Expert Mark Hollyoake unpicks some of the complexities of working with distributo… Read more
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12 Days of Xmas #5: I created Five Golden Rules for Distribution Management

The 5th day of Christmas: Five Gold Rules (for Distributor Management) I realised that I was way behind in Distributor Management; I skipped all the maids, hens, lady’s leaping, d… Read more
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Distributor Management Assessment

Distributor Relationships as your Competitive Advantage ‘Marry in haste, repent at leisure’ _ this is often the most common problem in B2B distributor relationships. Principa… Read more
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How Equitable are your Broker and Intermediary Relationships?

BROKERS AND INTERMEDIARIES “DEPENDENT or INTERDEPENDENT” How Equitable are your Relationships? The role of the broker / intermediary / agent within the financia… Read more