CRM steps for success – Part 2 of 7

In my last article I explored some of the drivers and needs for a good CRM implementation and the 6 vital steps needed to implement a successful CRM programme. Today we are going to look at the first step.

Step 1. Creating Champions

The starting point for any CRM programme is the creation of pilot users who can become systems champions. These should be drawn from all areas of the user-curve: laggards, late adopters, early adopters and innovators. When it comes to successful implementation you can never underestimate the powerful effect on the team when the person least likely to adopt new systems, takes the lead. It creates the ‘if old Bill can use this damn thing then so can I’ syndrome.

In supporting pilot users, it is vital they know;

  • Why they are implementing the system
  • What we already know about it
  • How it will be used
  • What it can do for us individually and collectively

Experience suggests that people tend to know more than you expect. Clarifying this is important because it provides vital insights for the creation of a training programme that will address all of the major obstacles to success.

In my next article I will be examining how to make the case for change. If you have any questions you can tweet them to me using the button below.