Customer Attuned Delivers Real Value for Trusted Partners Deep-Insight

February was a busy month for us as we were in the final delivery stage of two key projects with our partners at Deep-Insight. These projects demonstrate the real value in working with complementary business partners.

We are delivering our B2B Voice of the Customer assessment CRQ™, which measures the quality of customer relationships; segments clients by their attitude; and provides specific feedback regarding the long-term relationships that companies are currently delivering.

The projects are being delivered in very different industry sectors – Cox Automotive, in the automotive sector, TIMICO in the outsourced IT services sector – but they share the same principles of thoroughly understanding what your customers think of you, providing insights and action plans to positively influence them and help grow profitability.

We are proud to be considered as the Deep-Insight brand ambassadors in the UK and look forward to developing and delivering future projects with Alex and John @ Deep-Insight.

Gary Lunt