How Customer Behaviour is Changing – Disruption at Every Turn

Director of Customer Attuned, Peter Lavers, blog has been featured in Just Marketing, February edition.

“Reading the SAS / Futurum “Experience 2030” report made me think of how much customer behaviour has changed in recent years, and how in many ways this change has only just started.”

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Disruption at every turn

One of many examples of this is in the sector where I started, and have worked in and around for nearly 40 years – the auto industry.

This sector is in an unprecedented period of market and legislation-driven disruption in its brands, products, markets, fuels, financing, taxation / charging – and the channels and media it uses. All at once.

The research confirms that autonomous vehicles will completely transform ownership and usage in urban areas, and all new cars and vans will be utterly ‘connected’ – to you, the city you’re in, and the other vehicles around you.

Comparable disruption is being seen across other sectors, and it’s worth noting that these changes aren’t happening in a vacuum. It has never been more important to understand and track how political, economic, demographic, social, and environmental trends and pressures are impacting your particular sector.

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