How to build social media into your contact strategy

60 Second Strategies: How to build social media into your contact strategy – without the headache

There are many systems and methods for understanding social media. Having the right knowledge is only the start of the journey. Using the right Social Listening/CRM tools can help your business respond quicker to customer queries. Many of the big businesses I work with are afraid of using social media because comments are public and they don’t control the conversation. However, a contact centre (whether you own or outsourced) with the right checks and balances can help you manage social media. How you respond to customers via social channels is not that different to doing it on the phone. It’s not a leap into the unknown. Just make a few changes to fit the new channel, develop the right strategy and have good people working on it and you can dive straight in. For the right platform for this, check out Hoot Suite or the new Social Media tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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