Mindtouch lists Peter Lavers as Customer Success Influencer

Mindtouch Top 100 ListPeter Lavers has been selected by Mindtouch as one of The Top 100 Customer Success Consultants to engage with… for the 2nd year running!

This is the 2nd year Mindtouch has executed their Top 100 Customer Success List to act as a guide to reach out and engage alongside with those people who care about our industry.

View the list here.


Ellie Luk

Ellie’s career began in retail marketing for luxury and main stream brands over 20 years ago in London and in Hong Kong, where she was responsible for creating e-commerce platforms, initiating marketing strategies, developing B2B collaborations and partners and orchestrating customer events and conferences.

A keen project manager, Ellie is firm but patient in controlling and executing marketing communications, building B2B alliances, managing and developing the series of C-Level conferences “The Great Debate” for our B2B clients, enhancing customer relationship management and developing multi-channel customer strategies.

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