Joined up Voice of Customer and Staff Studies

Joined Up voice of the customer
In my many years as a practitioner and consultant in the field of Customer Management I’ve often wondered why business treats its Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Employee (VoE… Read more

The Trust Factor – Making B2B Trust your business DNA – Read the panel summary

B2B trust can be defined as; “The willingness to be vulnerable to another party and the decision to engage in actions based upon an interpretation of their ability, credibility an… Read more
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Customer Attuned Newszine October Issue – B2B Trust explained

The Trust Factor
Trust is such a heavy word. It carries huge responsibility. We use it in so many situations and yet, we often test the boundaries, stretching it to see how much wriggle room we have, b… Read more

Risk to reward: Risk assessment for competitive advantage

When considering risk, the rhetoric is often around prevention. How could we have prevented the financial collapse of 2008? Or the widespread disruption caused by COVID-19? Nat… Read more

The Trust Factor – Making B2B Trust your business DNA – Register Today

The Trust Factor - making B2B Trust Your Business DNA
Our latest topic to our series of events: Providing Leadership In the New Normal, brings to you a new discussion in October: Wednesday 21st October 202010:30 – 11:30 BSTon Z… Read more
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Adapting to New Normal Customer Behaviour Panel Discussion Summary

There is widespread agreement that the New Normal will look very different to the old normal, and to get through it’s going to take leaders who champion new insight-led ways… Read more