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The need for analysts to have improved commercial awareness

I have mentioned before that analysts benefit from stronger commercial awareness. But what do I mean by this term? The easiest way to explain is to set it in context. A lack of commer… Read more
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Business Development Managers (BDM) & the Underwriter relationship

The importance of the BDM role and function in the distribution and customer management of financial services cannot be underestimated. The BDM ensures we gain and maintain the o… Read more

Working with Distributors – Back to Basics

In this article, we unpick some of the common complexities of working with distributors; getting back to basics. Contrary to most organisation’s belief, it’s possible to improv… Read more
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Making MBTI Work For Sales Teams – Part 3

Flexing selling style to better connect In our previous papers we have looked at each of the four MBTI ‘scales’ and have addressed three vital questions: How do we spot this charact… Read more
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Making MBTI Work For Sales Teams – Part 2

Moving to scale 3 – Thinking to Feeling This series of short papers is focussed on the application of MBTI understanding to sales and the vital missing piece of the jigsaw in most MBT… Read more
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Leading Through Insight

The internet of things, big data and access to information at the click of a button mean we are awash with more information than we have ever had as sales leaders. This often revolves… Read more
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What Makes an Organisation Creative?

Creativity drives innovation and change at a rapid pace. Its reach and impact on our everyday lives is enormous, yet, most of this innovation within organisations derives from a h… Read more