Two of the Most Common Mistakes Companies Make in Customer Experience

CXM the Customer Experience Magazine has recently published an article by one of our Customer Attuned Directors, Peter Lavers. In the article, Peter shares his experience from over 20 years of working with clients across industries and highlights the two most common pitfalls he has consistently seen companies make in Customer Experience Management.

In the article, the first mistake Peter expands upon is, “Many companies concentrate their journey mapping efforts on “getting the processes right”. This approach is likely to see quality and consistency improvements, but often at the cost of the customer feeling ‘processed’”

Later in the article, Peter’s second observation is, “Something I have also seen all-too-often is where the customer journey/experience is designed only with the company’s objectives and desired outcomes in mind – i.e. a purely “inside out” approach.”

Peter explores how both of these mistakes can be avoided in the full article here,

Alan Thompson