What is the quality of your customer relationships?

If you cannot measure the quality of the relationship you have with your customers, how can you do something meaningful to change or improve them?

Having Quality Customer Relationships is the goal for every organisation, but unless you have some form of measurement it makes it difficult to create practical plans to improve them and generate business benefits.

Let’s set the scene for an ideal world…

  1. Firstly, you are engaging with your key customers on a regular basis to get their feedback – from a variety of stakeholders within their business.
  2. Secondly, you are able to track their ratings (scores in effect) and segment them into meaningful categories, such as Ambassadors (always recommending you…) or Opponents (those who bad mouth you…)
  3. Thirdly, you are now in the situation to pull together an Improvement Plan, which includes how you activate it and who with

And finally, having got a consistent way of doing this across the business, you have aligned your organisation to one common goal with some quantifiable business benefits.

Too good to be true?
Not any more – let me introduce you to Customer Relationship Quality, a programme that enables you to measure your current relationships and create practical plans to improve them for business benefit.

The programme, from Customer Attuned and in partnership with Deep-Insight, will establish a standard of excellence for managing your customer relationships. It has been designed by subject matter experts who have significant commercial expertise gained across a variety of industry sectors – ensuring your organisation can be in best shape to develop more effective relationships with customers.

If you think you know your customers – think again! And then do something game changing with this programme.

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