Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers – Customer Focus in High Pressure Sales Environments

How can we maintain customer focus in a highly competitive and quarterly-sales-driven industry sector?

In this edition of the Customer Centricity Corner we tackle a common tension that B2B companies face – how to balance short-term sales culture with trust-based customer culture.

We discuss the subject with Justin Doo from mParticle, who has nearly 30 years’ experience in the IT sector in sales and channel management roles. This sector is notorious for its numbers-driven and quarterly sales focus, but it’s not alone in this respect.

As Territory Director for the Middle East and Africa for mParticle (an AI-powered customer data platform), Justin offers wise advice on balancing the need to meet sales targets whilst also building and maintaining long-term client relationships and trust. In this short discussion, he covers the maturity of buying cycles/behaviour; maturity of selling with a focus on accuracy; and taking the time to build trust through behaviour and the demonstration of good understanding – “Partnerships are built on trust, not speed”.

Justin goes on to provide some examples of things that have and haven’t worked in building long-term mutual value, with sound advice regarding accelerated time frames/unreasonable urgency, and regarding not being afraid to qualify opportunities out when necessary.

Customer Attuned is all about building customer centric and trust-based culture to establish sustainable, mutually beneficial and profitable B2B relationships, and the company’s sales culture must be in-step with these strategic aims.

Does your sales culture help or hinder long-term trust and mutual value? Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss ways to become more customer centric in your sales strategy and culture.

Peter Lavers