Customer Segmentation

Traditional approaches to Customer Segmentation for B2B organisations need to evolve. They often rely on constraining sets of data that don’t adequately take into account customers’ intentions and needs. 

Based on decades delivering Customer Strategies for a host of organisations and academically acclaimed research by its founders, Customer Attuned has introduced a new way to map your customers that puts their intentions and desires at the centre of your decisions, plans and activities; the marque of true customer centricity.

Our Customer Segmentation service relies on our own methodology, not based on random data, but on their history with your company, their engagement with you and crucially, their expressed level of trust in the relationship. The output is an insight-led framework that defines tasks and activities for key teams – marketing, sales, and customer service and success. 

What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer Segmentation is the practice of dividing up prospects and customers in to smaller groupings based on some definable characteristic in order to better connect with them.

What are traditional characteristics of Customer Segmentation for B2B organisations?

Traditional customer segmentation might follow characteristics such as geographic location, staff count, or turnover. Some behavioural segmentation can be used based on knowledge of the industry sector, any technology used or the stage of business maturity.

What makes Customer Attuned’s Customer Segmentation approach different?

Customer Attuned’s approach to Customer Segmentation for B2B organisations is based upon Dr Mark Hollyoake‘s seminal work on organisational trust. His S-Curve of Trust depicts the different stages of trust within a business relationship – low trust relationships work for some often low-value customers, but it is the high trust relationships that result in mutual benefits that support significant growth. Our Customer Segmentation model and consultancy services help organisations build and maintain meaningful and profitable relationships, based on trust.

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We help you redefine your Customer Management, through developing and implementing a focused strategy, and overseeing the changes to people, processes and technologies.

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Segmentation Case Study

One organisation came to Customer Attuned because, although it had customers and was by all measures successful, their growth had been organic and there was a desire to grow sales, but they lacked the insight as to how to target this growth.

A team member had previously worked with Dr Mark and called on his expertise. Following an investigation which included internal stakeholder engagement, analyses of data and even a Voice of the Customer programme, Customer Attuned created a Segmentation approach that was built in to their Salesforce. Using data from Salesforce, marketing and the VoC programme, team can view the Segmentation Category. And, because our team helped define work actions around each Segmentation, Account Managers, Marketing, Sales and Product Managers, all have a framework for guiding their work tasks.

The business benefits from a view of their customers that illustrates the spread by potential revenue; by ensuring that there is a healthy mix of customers across the Segments 1 – 5, and a few targeted customers in Segment 6, they are able to balance effort with reward. And, because they have adopted the principles of mutual value, the benefits are gained by them and their customers.

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