Training and Development

How we help our customers

Applying the Customer Attuned methodology to learning, our customers have benefitted from sales, marketing and account management development programmes including:  

  • Strategic Account Management 
  • Key account planning – relationship blueprints 
  • Identifying and developing value from your customer portfolio 
  • Shaping and selling a compelling proposition story 
  • Trust based negotiation 
  • Insight based solutions 
  • Coaching for key account managers 

What our clients say…

“The combined team from Customer Attuned and MAP Training did a fantastic job of creating and facilitating a bespoke strategic account management programme for us – with ongoing agility to adapt it to ensure it stayed relevant as our needs evolved”

Geoff Turner, Broker Distribution Director, Ecclesiastical Insurance

Understanding your needs

These programmes start with a clear understanding of client objectives and what is important to your business. This remains at the forefront of all design, delivery and the evaluation of the impact of our programmes. 

Training to meet your needs

Our suite of training programmes is tailored to focus on your key areas of customer relationship management that shape and take your brand promise to your customers, this includes: 

  • sales capability
  • key account management
  • intermediary and distributor management
  • marketing capability 
  • strategic account planning

Strategic Account Management Programme

The highly regarded strategic account management programme at Customer Attuned is unique because it is supported by extensive evidence-based doctoral research into the role that trust plays in all areas of B2B relationships.  

In this programme, we work with your commercial teams to develop trust-based relationships that deliver real mutual value. Together we can build relationships that become your competitive advantage. 

We work with you to ensure any programme is tailored to meet your specific needs that you need to manage to deliver your business results, addressing: 

  • your industry  
  • your market 
  • your key client relationships 

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Using our Trust DNA™ model and the S Curve of Trust, we develop an organisation-wide programme that Embeds Trust in your ways of working and stakeholder engagement.

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Training and Development Clients


Supporting our team members during these unprecedented times is a high priority for us.

Customer Attuned took the initiative to design a highly interactive virtual session on effective negotiation, using the full functionality of the virtual tools we are all now relying on to create a session that was easy to engage with.

“The approach and output to our project was extremely accurate.”

“I started the day with a negative mindset and left feeling really enthusiastic”

Training your team and continuous organisational development are critical to optimising Organisational Performance.If you have identified a capability gap in your teams, we can help you with targeted training; and review the key capabilities you need in your teams to reflect their role in an ever-changing market landscape and help you prioritise critical development areas, use our contact form to get in touch.

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