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Our Flagship Sales & Account Management Development Programme

If your team is tasked with ambitious growth and value targets to deliver profitable growth over the long term, not just chasing short term sales targets, this programme might be for you: AMPLIFY will elevate the capability of your Sales & Account Management team to identify and develop an increase in mutual value for your business and for your customers. 

In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, organisations operating in the B2B environment face the dual challenge of getting the most out of their existing customer relationships as well as building a pipeline of new opportunities by nurturing, developing and growing new and emerging relationships. Developing Trust in these relationships is critical to unlocking mutual value over extended time horizons. 

AMPLIFY is a practical, immersive programme designed to explore the concept of Trust in the B2B environment, exploring and deploying a number of key tools and practices that can help Account Managers identify and unlock greater mutual value – thereby creating relationships that your competition can’t replicate and giving you real competitive advantage. 

Effective Learning

AMPLIFY is a highly engaging and interactive people development programme that blends experiential workshops, one-to-one coaching, real-life assignments and provides on-the-job tools that can be deployed immediately. This forms a holistic solution that delivers real behaviour change. Participants are united as a group of Account Managers facing similar challenges, who encourage and support each other. 

Underpinning this approach is our investment in fully understanding your business to ensure the programme is tailored to your specific needs, recognising: 

  • your industry  
  • your route(s) to market / distribution strategy 
  • your key client relationships.

The AMPLIFY Programme

AMPLIFY is hands-on; delegates will learn and practice concepts and then immediately put them into action ‘back at desk’. The programme covers key areas of Business Management, B2B Relationships and Interpersonal Relationships and comprises: 

  • A comprehensive pre-programme assessment of current skills & capabilities 
  • Six half-day development workshops, one every 4- 6 weeks through the life of the programme, delivered over a six to nine month period. 
  • Real-life assignments that embed the learning 
  • Three one-to-one coaching sessions after workshops 2, 4, and 6 
  • A tailored development action plan, driven by the personal commitments of each delegate.

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