Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers – Partner Relationship Survey

Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers – Partner Relationship Survey

The subject of this discussion is our Partner Relationship Survey (or Partnership Survey), which is one of our offerings and is different from general B2B “customer research” as it is conducted per strategic partnership, interviewing both sides of the relationship.

It’s unique as it draws upon my co-founding director Dr Mark Hollyoake’s academic research into B2B trust.

To hear how this ground breaking thinking has been practically applied, I speak with Helen Ormandy from Atos BTS. Helen is Head of Client Relations and Business Performance and has deployed this approach to assess partnership health with some of Atos’ clients.

During our discussion Helen tells us about Atos BTS and how they have deployed the Partnership Survey as an annual diagnostic of the multi-faceted elements of B2B trust within and across some of their key strategic partnerships.

Helen shares the numerous benefits that she has seen from this approach in the way that trust has been built and maintained (and recovered).

This episode will give you a better understanding of how the theory of B2B trust can be pragmatically applied for mutual benefit and value. To learn how a “partnership” differs from a “key account” in B2B read Peter Lavers‘ recent blog – When is a B2B Customer/Supplier Relationship a “Partnership”?

Please get in touch to get more information and case studies about this distinctive approach to measuring partnership health.

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