Peter Lavers named as a Top Customer Service Influencer

Customer Attuned Director Peter Lavers has again been named as one of the world’s top customer service influencers.

He has been featured on Fit Small Business’s Top Customer Service Influencers of 2018 list.

This list features influencers who are contributing to the customer service industry in an outstanding way.

Peter has received numerous “top influencer” accolades in related subjects (analytics, digital, AI, etc.), and is an IBM Futurist and SAS Collaborator.

He doesn’t just write and blog, though! As a business consultant and trusted adviser he has had the privilege of working with businesses around the world, engaging stakeholders to implement actionable improvements that make a difference to customer experience and value/efficiency.

The common denominator in Peter’s diverse projects is always ‘customer’, which has enabled him to add value in numerous sectors, including banking, insurance, engineering, automotive, retailing, industrials, outsourced IT, technology, telcos, wholesale food, manufacturing, franchising, luxury, public, education and utilities.

The insights he has derived from these engagements give him a unique perspective on what does and doesn’t work in the field of B2B customer management. He vigorously keeps abreast with the latest trends in data science (particularly customer value analytics and AI); CRM strategy & planning; customer experience (mapping, managing and measuring); Market Conduct; and digital engagement – whilst assuring a clear focus on practical improvements for business benefit.

Please get in touch if you’d like to engage Peter to add value to your customer service or experience programme.

Dr Mark Hollyoake