B2B Trust

We believe that Trust is multi-dimensional, that when truly embedded into the people, culture and systems of an organisation, leads to improved Customer Relationships and Organisational Performance.

While we believe this, we know it to be true from our experience and our founder, Dr Mark Hollyoake’s, academically acclaimed research. Our approach to trust extends across the whole business and into strategic partnership relationships, whether supplier or customer.

Our services make trust a meaningful, tangible value that develops mutual value, customer retention and improved customer satisfaction.

Customer Attuned’s Proprietary Trust Frameworks

The S Curve of Trust, (c) Dr M Hollyoake, 2020

The S Curve of Trust

We all know that trust is dynamic; what is built over years with suppliers, partners and intermediaries, can be lost in moments. While included in vision statements and corporate objectives, it is rarely measurable.

In his thesis, Dr Mark proposes the ‘The S Curve of Trust’, the plotting of trust over time and the depth or nature of the relationship. This model demonstrates the existence of The Goldilocks Zone, a moment where the nature of trust is embodied by an interdependent relationship and the relational benefit is maximised.

Our unique methodology helps identify what this means for your organisation and our people, our organisational and operational experts collaborate with you to take you along your own S Curve journey to developing long-lasting relationships based on trust.

The Customer Attuned B2B Trust Model

The Trust Dividend

The Trust Dividend is how Trust exists within the organisation and is manifested through moral bonds, or culture, actions and behaviours of your people and the development and signalling of all organisational relationships:- this is owned and the responsibility of the leadership team.

At an operations and group level, trust influences the Customer Strategy’s relationship charter, and the organisation’s mission and vision) and at the team and individual level, it influences behavioural norms (whether interpersonal or system).

We help develop The Trust Dividend within organisations based on their functions, team construct, operational processes and stakeholders, to help develop Customer Relationship Management and Organisational Performance.

The Customer Attuned B2B Trust DNA logo

Trust DNA

Developed as a concept within Dr Mark’s thesis, the Trust DNA model illustrates a journey to improved customer relationships. When you clearly set out your intentions, and demonstrate your abilities and credibility in an interdependent way in all your dealings over time, you will generate mutually valuable, trusted customer relationships.

At a strategic level, we apply this to your business and implement training and development to help you achieve your goals.

Definition of B2B Trust

“B2B Trust is the willingness to be vulnerable to another party and the decision to engage in actions based upon an interpretation of their ability, credibility and the expectations of mutual value exchange over time.”

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