Trust Evaluation and Development

Businesses lose customers. It is what happens. But why and how?

 Trust is a critical factor not just for profitabilityToo often business leaders are blind to the realities of what the customer experiences, to the systems, processes and actions that weaken the relationship and are only able to identify that problems exist through examining the bottom line.

We believe that Trust is a critical factor not just for profitability, but for successful B2B relationships that deliver improved customer satisfaction and retention, and even improved team performances. More than believing this, we know this!

Our academically acclaimed, proprietary B2B Trust Evaluation and Development tools help you shift from merely selling to becoming trusted advisers, co-creating solutions to your clients’ business problems to improve Customer Centricity and trust within your customer relationships.

Why Invest in Trust?

The S Curve of Trust, (c) Dr M Hollyoake, 2020Our ultimate aim is to collaborate with you to develop trust helping your organisation achieve a position within the Goldilocks Zone (S Curve of Trust), a measurement that reflects more than an understanding of trust, but a display of trust that shared between you and your customers.

Research proves that when the trust is healthy the relationship is strengthened which results in improved customer retention, reduces the competition’s ability to enter the market and brings greater profitability for both parties.

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We help you redefine your Customer Management, through developing and implementing a focused strategy, and overseeing the changes to people, processes and technologies.

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Our Trust Evaluation and Development Tools

We achieve this through our trust evaluation and development services that combine to improve your Customer Strategy:

Through the deployment of these trust development programmes, Customer Attuned builds a culture of customer centricity based on B2B Trust so that sustainable, mutually beneficial and profitable customer relationships are maintained.

Customer Management requires a customer relationship strategy



If you want to address the trust that your customers have with your business, please get in touch.

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