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A critical part of any business’s Customer Strategy is its Customer Management practices: often this is limited to how do you get more and how do you keep the profitable ones.

Customer Management icon depicting collaborationWe know that your challenges experienced extend beyond cost-effective acquisition and include retention, improving satisfaction and long-term profitability.

We believe that effective Customer Management processes based on true Customer Centricity are what drive growth.

Customer Attuned helps you redefine your Customer Management through developing and implementing a focused strategy, and overseeing changes to people, processes and technologies that deliver results.

Customer Attuned Ltd's Customer Segmentation Canvas, a new way to segment your customers based on opportunity, appetite and trust

Customer Segmentation is a critical part of Customer Management. From Dr Mark Hollyoake’s work into B2B Trust, Customer Attuned has developed the Customer Segmentation Canvas. This is a free-to-use framework for classifying your customers that supports Marketing, Sales and Customer Service strategies and activities. If you need help with Customer Segmentation at scale, with identifying the data to be used within the segmentation and with working out what happens next, this is where our consultants can support you.

Customer Management is improved by customer feedback

Our consultants bring years of practical, hands-on expertise mixed with an understanding that our success is interdependent on yours, to address your unique challenges.

We partner with clients to develop a bespoke Customer Relationship Strategy, a tangible approach to Customer Value Management and support the implementation of effective Customer Management Systems.

With extensive experience in financial and technology services, our team also supports Intermediary Management development and Distributor Manager Development.

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We help you redefine your Customer Management, through developing and implementing a focused strategy, and overseeing the changes to people, processes and technologies.

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