The Customer Segmentation Canvas from Customer Attuned is a new way to map your customers that puts trust and appetite for deeper relationship at the centre of your strategies, plans and activities. It is based on proven academic research and decades of experience delivering customer management programmes for clients. 

We wholeheartedly believe that traditional approaches to segmentation in B2B need to evolve from internally focused product or market-oriented methods to a customer centric, insight-led model. 

Customer Segmentation Canvas

Traditional approaches to Customer Segmentation for B2B organisations need to evolve. They often rely on constraining sets of data that don’t adequately take into account customers’ intentions and needs. 

Based on decades delivering Customer Strategies for a host of organisations and academically acclaimed research by its founders, Customer Attuned introduces the Customer Segmentation Canvas, a new way to map your customers that puts their intentions and desires at the centre of your decisions, plans and activities. 

The Customer Segmentation Canvas is a model that you can use to segment your customers, not based on random data, but on their history with your company, their engagement with you, and crucially, their expressed level of trust in the relationship. 

How The Customer Segmentation Canvas Works

Customer Attuned knows that relationships that are Customer Centric and built on trust deliver sustainable mutual value. This new approach to Segmentation uses Trust and the appetite and opportunity for a deeper relationship as competitive advantage differentiators.

Does it really matter which geographic location they are in? How important, really, is their turnover? This Customer Centric approach to customer segmentation is focused on them, the customer. The Customer Segmentation Canvas is designed to be a solid, reliable resource to help define marketing, sales and service strategies.  

The Horizontal (X) Axis: Appetite and Opportunity

When you truly know your customer, their wants and desires, you get to understand their appetite for more.

When you have multiple products and / or services that are relevant to them and they could buy, there is an opportunity to sell more.

Combined, where there is low appetite and / or no opportunity for them to buy more (the purchase is one of compliance or you only have the one product for their Category type), they feature to the left of the X-Axis. Where they are already invested in your business with the purchase of multiple products and you have more that they can benefit from, they feature on the right of the X-Axis.

The Vertical (Y) Axis: Level of Relationship & Trust

The Y-Axis represents the level of relationship and trust that exists between the two companies and is closely linked to the S-Curve of Trust.

This can be reflected in different ways: come customers love the product so much, they put their name to a testimonial or case study, others share product use insights and strategic plans so that product development can be affected for the good of both parties.

Some customers ‘just’ have the product they need and have no desire or expectation for a relationship; sometimes with convenience purchases (how well do you know the sales representative for your office supplies?!).

Plotting your customers by their level of relationship helps define what you might expect from them and how their insights can help you develop more.


To help you get started with the Customer Segmentation Canvas, we have put together some resources.

Download the Customer Segmentation Canvas Workbook. It’s Free!

Want help with Segmenting customers? Download our easy-to-use Segmentation Flowchart. It’s Free!

Download the Customer Segmentation Canvas. It’s Free!!

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Whether looking to find a means to scale Segmentation across hundreds of customers, build in to your CRM or use Segmentation as a part of a total Customer Strategy refresh, Customer Attuned can help guide you through to success.

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