Building a high performing account management team

Building a High Performing Account Management Team

Another successful development programme for a key client

Over the past several months, a number of the Customer Attuned team, David Brown, Dr Mark Hollyoake and Alan Thompson have shaped and delivered a number of modules as part of a programme ‘Building a high performance sales and account management team’.

The overall goal of the programme was to enhance the capability of an already successful team, with the aim of bringing greater consistency to the management and development of their corporate clients – increasing the emphasis on understanding and managing the value of each portfolio of accounts managed by each individual account manager, and extending the horizons of their plans from an immediate renewal horizon to a 2-to-3-year planning cycle. Underpinning the whole programme, therefore, was an overall goal of building and developing trusted relationships with clients and intermediary partners to enable the delivery of mutual value.

We explored a range of topics including:

  • Identifying and prioritising those relationships that bring -or have the potential to bring – the greatest mutual value using a more detailed understanding of both P&L data and wider portfolio performance data
  • Benchmarking the current levels of trust that exists in key relationships and the practical steps to take to accelerate its development
  • Identifying opportunities to deepen relationships and exploring how these solutions can be developed and realised
  • Building compelling stories to help sell in these solutions to clients
  • Using a structured planning and engagement process to overcome objections as part of the negotiation process

With the final modules delivered earlier in November, here’s a selection of what the team had to say after the latest sessions:

“I thought both sessions were great and it has really made me change my tactics with brokers as by asking all the relevant questions gives you a true picture of the brokers/clients needs. Thank you again for the sessions, I know the team and I found them really beneficial.”

“I really enjoy working with a mix of Account Managers during these sessions as you pick up lots of hints and tips from the group work.”

“Working with different people from within the business, sharing knowledge and experiences, makes me feel part of a wider team and provides an ice breaker for future conversations.”

“I really enjoyed this session, especially the role play which whilst it felt unnatural, as it’s not something we do a lot, it was really beneficial. One of my main takeaways was that planning and preparation are key in successfully managing challenging conversations.”

“As one of the experienced account managers, I found both sessions informative and I will certainly incorporate what was covered in future conversations with clients.”


Alan Thompson