Introducing the Partner Relationship Survey

Are any of your most important B2B accounts referred to as “partner status” or “strategic partnerships”, inferring a depth of relationship beyond “key” status?

You can now understand the level of trust in this type of crucial relationship through our Partnership Survey approach and methodology, which actively engages and listens to the many stakeholders involved at all levels on both sides.

It incorporates the latest academic research into B2B relational trust, providing you with the insights necessary for pro-active partner relationship development.

The Partnership Survey is more than just another piece of customer research! We explore both sides of the relationship at multiple levels, in an agile and easy to implement format. The outputs provide a blueprint towards ever-deeper levels of trust and the development of mutual value.

It’s different because our research has shown that the triggers and critical incidents for deepening or damaging trust are not the same (or have equal importance) across both sides of the relationship and within different levels of seniority. These insights have led to a set of questions, aligned with the Trust DNA™ model  that are asked during an engaging c.20 minute confidential 1:1 interview with stakeholders from each side of the relationship giving a 360oview (and ensuring that counterparts are mirrored on both sides).

The report includes detailed analyses of the results including rating, sentiment and importance/rating gap comparisons within and across the partnership, with an emphasis on the “so what” and “what do we need to do to improve”.


These results will enable the partnership to be placed on the ‘S’ Curve of trust , allowing a target state to be set for the level of trust required to be most effective. Thereafter the Partnership Survey will track your progress towards that goal.

Findings and recommendations are delivered via an engaging report-back workshop with the senior team, and then via onward communication to participants and the wider organisation.



The very best B2B relationships provide stability within the supply chain, foster a positive environment for change, and mean that we face disruption and uncertainty together. We believe that investment is required to manage partner relationships appropriately.

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Peter Lavers