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Featured in CX Magazine: Building B2B Trust for Customer Centricity

Featured Article In CX Magazine

by Peter Lavers, Co-Founder and CX Influencer

April 2021

Building B2B trust can enable businesses sustainable growth, customer-centricity, and employee satisfaction. Learn about a model that can help companies integrate cross-team collaboration and break silos effectively.

In my many years as a practitioner and consultant in the field of Customer Management, I’ve often wondered why a business treats its Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Employee (VoE) studies as completely different and dissociated practices.

The links between customer and employee satisfaction are very well established, and yet the programmes to understand and manage these are all too often divorced within the organisation.

Typically, the Market Research or Customer Experience (CX) Department will manage VoC, and the HR Department will run VoE programmes. Each will have specific research objectives, methodologies, and key questions. Both may be outsourced to different agencies, or one outsourced and one conducted in-house. Such studies tend to be repeated, so both have rich historical data. Rarely they will be aligned, coordinated, or even correlated.

Find out what the three signals of non-customer-centric organizations are in the full article.


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