A New Approach to B2B Customer Segmentation from Customer Attuned Ltd

Customer Attuned introduces a new approach to segmenting your B2B customers so that you can better identify and manage the customer relationships that are going to power your growth. 

Called the Customer Segmentation Canvas, it is a toolkit of assets that are free to use to start building or developing your own B2B customer segmentation model. 

Why a new approach to customer segmentation?

 We believe that B2B customer segmentation is all about realising the untapped potential value in B2B relationships. This means identifying and then engaging with the customers who both see and want the benefits of a deeper relationship – and knowing who to leave alone! 

It is important to allocate marketing, sales and service resources to where they will generate value. Traditional approaches to segmentation in B2B need to evolve from internally focused product or market-oriented methods to a customer centric, insight-led model.  

The Canvas approach is designed to be a solid, reliable resource to help define strategies to engage customers in a much “smarter” way, putting trust and appetite for deeper relationship at the centre of your account management, marketing and contact strategies, plans and activities.  

It is based on proven academic research and decades of experience delivering customer management programmes for clients, and works in all B2B settings including intermediaries/partners, industry associations, not-for-profits, and of course mainstream commercial enterprises.  

Customer Attuned Ltd's Customer Segmentation Canvas, a new way to segment your customers based on opportunity, appetite and trust

Implementing customer segmentation 


Knowing where customers sit in the segmentation framework is only the first step! Your customer management plans and treatments will then need to be accordingly developed and applied to maintain and grow valuable relationships. 

We can assist with the full implementation of this new approach into your business. We are experts in B2B Customer Management and Organisational Performance improvement. 

 To download the full Workbook on the subject and access related resources, please click here.

Peter Lavers