Why treating customers fairly should be a top priority

As an independent customer experience expert on the SAS Collaborators Programme, I’m delighted to have my new blog “Why treating customers fairly should be a top priority” published on their EX2030 Blog Hub.

I’ve been delving into the detailed results and findings from their latest piece of CX research EXPERIENCE 2030: Has COVID-19 Created a New Kind of Customer? and in it the “Company acts responsibly and shows compassion” turns out to be a key factor that informs buying decisions.

It caught my eye because this is very likely to be a causal factor of behavioural change post COVID-19.

Respondents were asked to rank several different factors, with the full text of this question being “Companies that act fairly, responsibly and respectfully towards others, showing humanity and compassion”.

I therefore dug further into the data to look for any significant distinctions, and you can read what I found by clicking here to access the full blog on the SAS website.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of the issues raised regarding treating customers fairly (TCF), Conduct Risk, business ethics, or customer centricity.

Peter Lavers