B2B Thought Leadership Shared at Loughborough and Edinburgh Napier Universities

Customer Attuned continues to develop and share thought leadership on B2B Customer Management. Last week, Mark Hollyaoke was a guest speaker at the Loughborough and Edinburgh Napier Universities.


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The Trust Dividend – Loughborough University

Occupying the same market as suppliers with transactional relationships is a challenge for any business, Mark explained how to manage co-existence within B2B relationships and how Trust can be leveraged for equitable relations, to the inaugural ‘Service Management Doctoral Colloquium 2016’ organised by Loughborough Uni’s business school.

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CRM Building a B2B Customer Centric Organisation – Edinburgh Napier University

Customer centricity is a business philosophy that can be developed in a systematic way.  Mark’s talk focused on how exploring “what’s next?” together with the ‘darker side‘ of all customer information and data, that technology can be the enabler, not the catalyst.

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As thought leaders in Customer Management, Trust and Business to Business we are more than happy to share our thinking with the business community, business schools and academic institutions. If you are interested drop us a line.

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