Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers – Why B2B companies need an explicit Customer Strategy

Doesn’t every B2B company already have a customer strategy?

Well, you may be surprised to find out that we still come across companies that don’t actually have a true customer strategy – they’re effectively still working to the 4 P’s, with ‘Product’ as the driving force rather than customers.

If, like us, your purpose as a company is to build customer centric culture, based on Trust, to establish sustainable, mutually beneficial and profitable B2B relationships, then your customer strategy should be setting out what that customer centricity means in your company, and how it will be achieved and measured.

In this edition of the Customer Centricity Corner we are delighted to hear from James Leese, who up until recently was Chief Customer Officer at Cox Automotive.

James draws upon his years’ of experience championing customer experience in a very competitive and numbers-driven sector to address why B2B companies need to have an explicit customer strategy, and the key components that a good strategy should cover. He goes on to identify and address some key obstacles that need to be overcome when implementing the strategy.

Is your customer strategy clear, agreed and driving customer centricity in your organisation? Is is ‘tight’, with a defined purpose, measured objectives and building both trust and mutual value with customers? Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss ways to create, sharpen up, or embed your customer strategy.

Peter Lavers