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B2B Customer Segmentation that Unlocks Potential Value

B2B Customer Segmentation that unlocks potential value In B2B, most companies don’t need a segmentation model to know who their best customers or brokers are. They just need to lo… Read more

When is a B2B Customer/Supplier Relationship a “Partnership”?

When is a B2B Customer/Supplier Relationship a “Partnership”? The business-to-business (B2B) sector encompasses an extremely wide range of customer relationships, from pur… Read more

The Dimensions of the Customer Segmentation Canvas

It’s the two dimensions of the B2B Customer Segmentation Canvas that make it special as a tool within organisations. These dimensions are different from conventional segmentat… Read more

A New Approach to B2B Customer Segmentation from Customer Attuned Ltd

Customer Attuned introduces a new approach to segmenting your B2B customers so that you can better identify and manage the customer relationships that are going to power your gro… Read more

Great insights shared by cross sector business leaders

We were fortunate to share the company , thoughts, views and insights with a group of senior leaders across a number of varying sectors at a dinner in London on 20th February. A numbe… Read more