Digital Transformation in Healthcare Discussion Two – Part One

What does it take to lead a digital transformation in healthcare?

Wil Payne, Leadership consultant and coach of Newland Partners, chaired the second panel discussion in this series to explore experiences and insights through the lens of four transformational leadership dimensions: results leadership, relationship leadership, visionary leadership and centred leadership.

The panel shared their knowledge and expertise from within and outside the healthcare sector to help us unlock some of the critical challenges in providing a joined up digital patient experience.

Speakers on the panel discussion are:

  • Wil Payne, Leadership consultant and coach, Newland Partners
  • Jo Deykes, Head of BTS Non-Regulated FS&I, Atos
  • Nadine Miles, Director of Service Delivery, Spirit Clinical Services
  • Jack Wagstaff, Alliance Chief Officer, North West Surrey Health & Care Alliance


Ellie Luk