A Powerful Exploration of Trust in Sales with Dr Mark Hollyoake

A powerful exploration of trust in sales with Dr Mark Hollyoake in conversation with Jeremy Noad.

Featured on Trust Enablement on April 19, 2021.


Dr. Mark Hollyoake, Founder, Director & Head of Business Capability at Customer Attuned, joined Regional Host Dr. Jeremy Noad to discuss trust in sales. These insights come from Dr. Hollyoake’s real-world experiences and his doctoral work on the topic.

Sales must make themselves more vulnerable to their buyers. Over time, through abilitycredibility, and the way we work together, you must create mutual value. Developing trust takes time.

The role of sales is to mitigate and reduce risk in the relationship as they work with individual customers.

This conversation was an extraordinary exploration of the topic of trust in sales.

Give a listen and remain curious.


Dr Mark Hollyoake