Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers – the difference between customer strategy and sales strategy in B2B

Customer Centric Account Management Part 2

If you know us or have seen previous episodes of the Customer Centricity Corner will recognise that our purpose at Customer Attuned Ltd is to build a culture of customer centricity, based on Trust, to establish sustainable, mutually beneficial and profitable B2B relationships.

It’s no surprise therefore that this episode revisits account management with Mike Pepe from 50/50 Consulting. Please do check out our last discussion If you didn’t watch it first time round. In that episode we covered leadership, transparency, ‘grown up’ conversations, and the importance of keeping and acknowledging the history of the relationship.

This time we cover the difference between a customer strategy and a sales strategy in B2B; where listening to customers / VoC programmes fit into account management; and how Dr Mark Hollyoake’s work on B2B trust is helpful as a practical and pragmatic approach for account managers to build and protect trust in the way they sell and service their customers.


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Peter Lavers