Earned, not Given: The Secret to Customer Loyalty in a Digital Age

Customer Attuned director Peter Lavers has had an article on consumer loyalty published in the latest issue of Customer Experience Magazine.

The SAS/Futurum Experience 2030 report has posed an interesting question: what will drive customer loyalty by 2030?

The landscape of customer loyalty is changing. Gone are the days where consumers placed blind faith in brands, shopping habitually for their convenience.

Empowered by technology, consumers are using easy browsing to compare the competition, finding the best deals for them at the click of a button. Does this mean that all hope of customer loyalty is lost?

Definitely not. Brands simply need to react to this new age and work harder to firstly understand the driving forces of loyalty, and then to actually earn it.

The article delves in to loyalty theory and considers the drivers of consumer loyalty in the coming decade.

Read Peter Lavers full article in Customer Experience Magazine 

Peter Lavers