Training and Development Insights

Adopting a culture of continual training and development improves organisational performance – read our views of how and why!

How to Successfully Coach an Individual

Coaching is a simple concept but infinitely varied in how it can be applied. It combines simple exercises with profound insights into how an individual sees themselves in the worl… Read more

Leadership – The Three Cs

The British Army has been providing courses on leadership development at Sandhurst since 1812 when it was recognised that leading men into battle required more than just an arist… Read more

Leadership – Developing Self-Awareness

Leadership can be simply defined as “motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.” What this means in practice and what it takes to be a “good” leader has been… Read more

Leadership – Asking the Right Questions

“Management is about answers. Leadership is about questions.” There have been many acres of newsprint dedicated to defining the difference between management and leadership a… Read more

5 ways to increase support team productivity

Welcome to our new guest blogger Jason Grills, who specialises in customer service enhancement and productivity. “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never abl… Read more

LOOKING INTO 2017 – Highly Capable Staff

As we look forward into 2017 we ask our Directors and selection of associates to comment on the year ahead. In 2017 as in previous years, the availability of highly capable staff is k… Read more