Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers – What is Customer Centric Account Management?

What is Customer Centric Account Management?

The subject today is “Customer Centric Account Management”, and I’m delighted to introduce two guests, Mike Pepe and Ed Rottmann.

Ed and Mike have vast experience in setting up and running Account Management teams in IT, Industrials, Manufacturing, and Utilities industries in North America and Europe. I’m sure you’ll quickly realise the passion they share for B2B account management, customer experience, and trust.

Peter Lavers: I’d like to start with a slightly unusual question. I’d like us to begin by thinking about the un-Customer Centric way of managing client accounts that you’ve seen over the years. Please could you briefly describe some of the barriers and obstacles to Customer Centricity that you’ve come across?

Listen to the full conversation to find out what makes “un-customer centric” account management.