Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith by Dr Mark Hollyoake featured in the Journal of Sales Transformation


Leap of Faith

Boundary spanners: What are they? What do they do?

Why are they important? And what exactly do we mean by a boundary spanner?

On a very simple level they are actors on both sides of a relationship that span the boundary between one and the other for relational management or development.

Dr Mark Hollyoake’s thesis uncovered the role of the boundary spanners and affective trust as having a positive impact on the move from intangible trust as organisational intention towards activation and into tangible trust. An additional role of the relationship trust developer (boundary spanner) needs to be considered and closely related to the relationship stakeholders, as they take on the responsibility for risk mitigation of the leap of faith through relationship trust development

Read Dr Mark Hollyoake’s finding that is featured in the latest issue of the Journal of Sales Transformation.

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Dr Mark Hollyoake