Strategic Priorities of B2B Customer Management Research Report

Can businesses have both acquisition and retention dominant in their corporate DNA? Discover what strategies Banking and Finance prioritise, how Advertising and Marketing v… Read more
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12 Golden Threads of B2B Customer Experience Management

Peter Lavers evaluates the 12 crucial subject areas in B2B customer experience management. Based on real experience and backed up with industry leading benchmark data this e-… Read more
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Are you ready for the Digital Personalisation Revolution

80% of CMO’s aren’t ready for the automation revolution, how will you manage it? Plotting your user/customer journey Understand the main customer touch points and how to best ex… Read more

The Trust Ladder

Occupying the same market as your suppliers with transactional relationships? This is a challenge for any business, learn how to manage co-existence in this e-book. The Trust La… Read more
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CRM – 6 Steps for Success

Mark Hollyoake examines what it means to build a successful CRM programme, in this publication you will learn how to make a compelling case for change, manage stakeholders effect… Read more