June Newszine- Making Customer Centricity a Reality Cover

Making Customer Centricity a Reality – June 2021 Newszine

Welcome to the latest issue of the Customer Attuned Newszine: Making Customer Centricity a Reality

Do you customers really benefit from your customer strategy?

Customer Centricity is a subject at the top of many companies’ agendas, especially as we come out of lockdown and begin to get back to working life as we once knew it.

But what does it really mean? In simple terms, look at your customer and supplier strategies and ask yourself, did they actually benefit from the strategy? What would you change looking back? Did the relationship grow or is it hanging on by a thread?

In this issue of Newszine, there are some truly insightful articles contributed by different members of the Customer Attuned team, looking at customer centricity from lots of angles. Get ready to make lots of notes!


Contents:June Newszine- Making Customer Centricity a Reality Cover

Page 1: Welcome from Ellie Luk

Page 2: Guest speaker biographies – Paul Willoughby – Beazley Group, Louise Evans – UCAS, Peter Lavers – Customer Attuned

Page 4: Making customer centricity a reality – what capabilities do we need in our people? – Alan Thompson

Page 7: Customer Centricity & Foodservice Supply Chain – Gary Lunt

Page 8: Is CRM the Artery to your Business? – Paul Cranston

Page 10: Three signals that your company might not be customer-centric – Peter Lavers

Page 13: What is your Customer Relationship Purpose? – Dr Mark Hollyoake


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