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The Trust Factor - making B2B Trust Your Business DNA

Our latest topic to our series of events: Providing Leadership In the New Normal, brings to you a new discussion in October:

Wednesday 21st October 2020
10:30 – 11:30 BST

The Trust Factor – Making B2B Trust your Business DNA

Companies across the UK and globally will be coming to terms with the impact the crisis has had on their businesses and on the wider economy, and the way we do business has most likely changed for the long term.

But how companies recover and get back to business as normal, lies in how Trust plays a part in your Business DNA.

What does B2B Trust mean?

“The willingness to be vulnerable to another party and the decision to engage in actions based upon an interpretation of their ability, credibility and the expectations of mutual value exchange over time.”

In this online discussion, Dr Mark Hollyoake will lead a panel discussion with industry leaders, discussing:

  • The impact of trust between business relationships
  • When trust breaks down
  • Embedding trust into your business DNA
  • How to start your business recovery now

Guest speakers:

  • David Haley – Global Head of Atos Business Transformation Services, ATOS
  • Mumbi Odame – Head of Human Centred Design, Rand Merchant Bank
  • David Brown, Distribution Proposition & Agency Leader, Covéa Insurance