LOOKING INTO 2017 – Consistency

As we look forward into 2017 we ask our Directors and selection of associates to comment on the year ahead.

My top tip for 2017 is simple – Keep Calm! and be Consistent
2016 introduced a great deal of uncertainty because many people were trying to second guess what would happen – the results of the EU referendum, the US Presidential Elections …

  • One thing that was clear was that the polls were wrong yet again which tells me that there is a new reality. And we should all face that in a calm and considered way.
  • Growing revenues, margins, market share, customer confidence – these are the challenges that we all face in business and the best way to tackle this is to find a great way to do it, then keep doing it consistently until you refine and improve it, or even re-engineer it to be that much better.
  • Be patient – the sales process can be a real roller coaster – and make sure that the people you deal with see this at all times. Would you buy a new car from a sales person that was in a real panic to close a sale within the first 5 minutes of walking into the showroom?
  • And finally, trust that what you do with your customers will deliver the one thing that will set you aside from your customers – that they Trust you to deliver on your promises.