The Great Debate – Event 2 – Making B2B Partnerships Work at Lord’s Cricket Ground

In the second Great Debate, held at Lord’s Cricket Ground in February, we considered how to make our B2B partner relationships work better and how using that knowledge and insight helps in managing negotiations and finding the balance in supplier-vendor contracts.

With keynote speakers Guy Wilkinson – Kerry Foods Champion, Steve Reynolds, MD of TBS Enterprise Mobility and stand-up comedian and business trainer Neil Mullarkey.

Peter Lavers and Mark Hollyoake gave a live demonstration of the Customer Attuned Assessment Tool that enables businesses to build better relationships through trust, interdependence and equitability. Selecting just a sample of questions from the full 331 question set, Peter and Mark explained each question –

How ‘attuned’ are the represented companies with their customers?

Delegates rated their own businesses against these questions and the results compared with the overall B2B benchmarks.

The group’s involvement of partners & key customers in product/service development is below the B2B benchmark. About half the audience needs to address their co-creation and joint business planning to strengthen partner/customer involvement.

Ellie Luk