Customer Attuned spotlights Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ)

Customer Attuned have been managing Customer Relationship Quality (CRQTM) programmes with our UK clients for a number of years. But did you know that we also offer an Employee version of this highly successful methodology:

Employee Assessments

If you truly wish to understand how committed your employees are to the future success of your company, and what value they deliver to your customers, then you need an Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ™) assessment – an in-depth examination of how your staff feel about their relationship with the organisation.


What is ERQTM?

So what will an ERQTM tell you?

To start with, our online assessments provide a holistic assessment of employee performance by examining all the fundamental elements that drive successful relationships between companies and their employees – elements such as CooperationCommitment and Trust.

Cooperation is a measure of the level of teamwork within a company. Commitment is a measure of the emotional attachment (pride and loyalty) that employees have, as well as a measure of the rational (rewards and opportunity). Trust is a measure of how fair and honest the senior management are perceived to be in the company.

In turn, these key elements of employee performance are driven by staff perception of CommunicationCultureTechnologyCompetence and Supervision within the company. These are the levers that management can pull to adjust and improve the overall levels of Trust and Commitment within an organisation.




ERQ™ combines the benefits of a ‘traditional’ staff enagement survey with the ability to provide ‘180 degree feedback’ to help managers and team leaders understand and improve their performance, and appreciate the importance of staff engagement to harness the talent and skills of its people.

It provides business leaders with robust and actionable feedback on the issues facing staff – issues that need to be addressed in order to deliver the best possible service to customers.


The Chief Executive of a major Life Assurance company said:

“What really made the difference was their ability to make the staff assessment a practical tool for changing the way we engage with our people. They challenged us to be different. They challenged us to aim to be a Unique workplace.”

 To find out more about how this approach could add real value to your workplace, please contact the author.