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The SAS Step Programme graphic

Peter Lavers Features in SAS Step Programme

SAS, the leader in analytics and artificial intelligence, is providing a free re-skilling and employment initiative to help repair the economy, empower the country’s w… Read more

What a wonderful group of panellists we have enjoyed during the pandemic!

The last couple of years have seen very different working practices for many businesses and this has created numerous challenges for business leaders to contend with. Since the s… Read more

Managing your Teams Resilience For Leaders

Managing the resilience of your teams is still a key item on the agenda for the new hybrid style of working, as teams start to come back to the office. Last year, as we all went into lock… Read more

Dr Mark’s Virtual Tea Time Chat with Dr Jeremy Noad

In this episode, Dr Mark Hollyoake asks Dr Jeremy Noad, from The International Journal of Sales Transformation, what the role of sales looks like coming out of lockdown and as CEO&… Read more

Building ‘Business-to- Business’ Trust At Operations Level. Part 3

Building ‘Business-to- Business’ Trust At Operations Level Let’s take a look at trust development and how to “make it happen” and turn leadership intention… Read more