Customer Attuned Company Brochure – Building Trust in B2B Relationships

Building Trust in Business to Business Relationships

We specialise in helping our customers build better B2B relationships to drive mutual commercial value. 

In B2B, we believe that Trust sits at the heart of a successful client centric strategy and the proposition is underpinned by trust-based relationships with customers, partners and colleagues. 


Customer Attuned Company Brochure


Trust is a key dynamic in B2B relationship success, that works on a multi-level context on both sides of the relationship; we believe this whole heartedly and have had our research academically approved. 

In our brochure, we explain why Trust matters and how our services help companies to build better commercially mutual relationships, working internally in your company and working externally with your suppliers, partners, intermediaries.




Inside, we look at developing trust inside your organisation, focusing on:

  • Embedding trust between management levels
  • Checking whether  your business capabilities are customer centric or not
  • Training & developing employees to build and manage trusted relationships

We also look at developing trust with your customers, partners, intermediaries and suppliers:

  • Reviewing whether Sales & Account management teams drive value to your company or not, and taking steps to improve them.
  • Evaluating Trust on both sides of your B2B relationships, discovering what matters for different stakeholders when it comes to building trust.
  • Capitalise on your strong B2B relationships using Trust Development outputs to strive for more mutual value.