The Trust Factor

Customer Attuned Newszine October Issue – B2B Trust explained

Trust is such a heavy word. It carries huge responsibility.

We use it in so many situations and yet, we often test the boundaries, stretching it to see how much wriggle room we have, but one step too far, and it is broken.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, we have all relied heavily on those who ‘have our back’, the ones ‘we can count on’. And this applies just as importantly in business relationships; “How flexible will our customers be with this new normal? Which partners can handle this? Can our suppliers adapt to new arrangements?”

When you have trust in your relationships, your credibility is authenticated a thousandfold. Our very own co-founding Director, Dr Mark Hollyoake, understands the importance of Trust and went so far to have his doctorate academically acclaimed. We are very proud to share his insights with you in his new model B2B Trust DNA™, so your business relationships can prosper for the long term.

Inside the latest issue of the Customer Attuned Newszine, you’ll find:

The Trust Factor – Making B2B Trust Your Business DNA

  • Introduction to the B2B Trust Evaluator by Peter Lavers
  • Unpacking the B2B Trust DNATM Model by Dr Mark Hollyoake
  • Developing your people to deliver Trust-based relationships by Alan Thompson
  • The Trust Factor in Leadership Workshop